Welcome to my site where you will find lots and lots of posts about me talking about video games and very rarely about my daily life. Here you can read about anything ranging from my opinion and upcoming game news if I’m up to the task. You won’t find anything about technical abilities of video games since this is coming from a gamer who only cares about gameplay and story and having fun ¬†etc. As you can tell from the title of this webpage, I mainly play on a mac desktop, I can already hear the shouting of every single gamer screaming at me but, give me a chance. Not everybody can afford a good working desktop computer but in the end, my mac still trudges on. My opinions on topics come from a person with a non-bias perspective as I enjoy playing on every single console there is, just as long as I have fun in the process! Sorry for this excessive use of space blocking your screen but I hope you enjoy reading more from me. – UMG


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